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2016 Conference

Session One: Corporate Finance

The Bright Side of Political Uncertainty: The Case of R&D

Julian Atanassov, University of Nebraska, USA*
Brandon Julio, University of Oregon, USA
Tiecheng Leng, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Discussant: Scott R. Baker, Northwestern University, USA

Flexible Prices and Leverage

Michael Weber, University of Chicago, USA*
Francesco D’Acunto, University of Maryland, USA
Ryan Liu, University of California, USA
Carolin Pflueger, University of British Columbia, USA

Discussant: Boris Nikolov, HEC Lausanne, Switzerland

Do Director Elections Matter?

Vyacheslav Fos, Boston College, USA
Kai Li, University of British Columbia, Canada*
Margarita Tsoutsoura, University of Chicago, USA

Discussant: Peter Limbach, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Session Two: Theory

Do Underwriters Compete in IPO pricing?

Evgeny Lyandres, Boston University, USA and Interdisciplinary Centre, Israel*
Fangjian Fu, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Discussant: Tony Cookson, University of Colorado, USA

Corporate Control Activism

Doron Levit, University of Pennsylvania, USA*
Adrian Corum, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Discussant: Andrey Malenko, MIT, USA

The Effect of Activists' Short-Termism on Corporate Governance

Gunter Strobl, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany*
Jing Zeng, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany

Discussant: Mike Burkart, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Session Three: M&A

Organization Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions

Kai Li, University of British Columbia, Canada*
Buhui Qiu, University of Sydney, Australia
Rui Shen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Discussant: Pradeep Yadav, University of Oklahoma, USA

Inefficiencies and Externalities from Opportunistic Acquirers

Di Li, Georgia State University, USA
Lucian Taylor, University of Pennsylvania, USA*
Wenyu Wang, Indiana University, USA

Discussant: Theodosios Dimopoulos, Swiss Finance Institute, Switzerland

Employment Protection and Takeovers

Olivier Dessaint, Rotman School of Management, Canada
Andrey Golubov, Rotman School of Management, Canada*
Paolo Volpin, Cass Business School, UK

Discussant: Julian Atanassov, University of Nebraska, USA

Keynote: Capital Structure Misallocation

Toni Whited, University of Michigan, USA

Session Four: Various topics

Access to Collateral and The Democratization of Credit: France's Reform of the Napoleonic Code

Kevin Aretz, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK*
Murillo Campello, Cornell University / NBER, USA
Maria-Teresa Marchica, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

Discussant: Jun Kyung Auh, Georgetown University, USA

Lending Standards over the Credit Cycle

Emanuele Tarantino, University of Mannheim and CEPR, Germany
Nicolas Serrrano Velarde, Bocconi University, Italy*
Giacomo Rodano, Bank of Italy, Italy

Discussant: Tim Adam, Humboldt University, Germany

What is the shareholder wealth impact of target CEO retention in private equity deals?

Leonce Bargeron, University of Kentucky USA
Frederik Schlingemann, University of Pittsburgh USA*
Chad Zutter, University of Pittsburgh USA
Rene Stulz, Ohio State University USA

Discussant : Moqi Xu, London School of Economics, UK